Who is Anna Banana

Hi, I'm Anna. Or Anna Banana as I've been called for years. So when it was time to choose my shop name, well, it was easy.

Anna Banana is a collection of things and brands that I love. Quite simply:) I love thinking outside the box by looking for clothes and accessories, discovering new brands, little known but doing interesting things. Anything that would make me feel better or make me smile a little more during the day. In short, this is the idea behind AnnaBanana.eu

  • Clemente Copenhagen

    Clemente was founded in 2007 by Danish siblings (Martin and Anne) and a Filipino (Jhon). Jhon's Filipino family is responsible for producing the shoes. All designs are developed from scratch in Denmark, then Filipino staff are trained to hand felt them.
    Production is done in the Philippines. Local employees are people from the local communities who consider themselves part of the family. From 2017 Clemente started producing alpaca socks and recently expanded the range with colorful wool socks.

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  • Fuza of Denmark

    Fuza Wool is a Danish family business that specializes in woolen accessories.
    Passionate about Danish woolen traditions, the designers of the brand have decided to combine local know-how and Asian craftsmanship. The production is made in Nepal by local artisans. Being proud of Nordic design traditions, Fuza respectfully blends oriental inspiration, a love of nature and the outdoors, and the Danish concept of 'hygge'. All products are made under fair and transparent conditions. Part of the profits are donated to help poor children in the region.

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  • Snazzy Santa

    Snazzy Santa is a Danish Christmas accessories brand founded in 2020 (and yes, what a challenge!).

    The main idea - you should not take life too seriously. Snazzy Santa's products are fun and quirky, they're sure to put a smile on your face. From fun socks to stylish earrings with Christmas designs, you'll find everything you need for your Christmas look! And of course, don't forget the brand's iconic hats - Santa Claus hats!

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  • Christmas Sweatshirts

    Cristmas Sweats is a Danish Christmas sweater company, which started in 2016. The concept of Christmas Sweats is very simple - to make Christmas even warmer than it already is, by offering fun Christmas Sweaters, comfortable and wild. The patterns of the Christmas sweaters are created in Denmark with a lot of humor. All sweaters are unisex and are intended for everyone.

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  • G-Bork

    G-Bork is a Danish brand specializing in original handcrafted decorations.

    All products are made in the Philippines by small local family businesses. Production is an important income for families in the province where it is difficult to find work.

    The founder of G-Bork visits manufacturers twice a year to develop and select new collections. All decorations are handmade and produced in limited edition.

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  • Liet & Joliet

    Liet & Joliet is a fashion and lifestyle brand from the Netherlands founded by and named after Jolita and Lita, a mother and daughter duo. The vision behind their lifestyle brand is to add a personal touch and style to the little things. And that vision has become reality. Their motto? Get up and
    celebrate! Don't let negativity get you down; instead, make the most of everything in your life.
    So far, the mother and daughter duo have created plenty of hair accessories like scrunchies and bobby pins. And so much to come!

  • Tites Socks

    The French brand Tites Chaussettes was born in Paris and now offers a wide range of fancy socks with bold and colorful designs. The brand founded in 2017 continues to grow thanks to you!

    At Tites Chaussettes there is something for all tastes, all styles and all ages! She offers a variety of socks combined with subtle illustrations and original designs.

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